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COR®BON Ammunition

2016 LogoWe are proud to continue our legacy as an American-family owned and operated business. As a family of shooters, we at COR®BON understand your needs from self-defense, competition, hunting, law enforcement, and military.

COR®BON’s quality control is second to none! We fervently stand behind it. That takes a lot of extra care in manufacturing and hence a bit longer production time than other manufactures that run at higher capacity. Our employees take great pride in their work and are honored to create the best PROVEN, Performance Driven™ Ammunition you can buy. We refuse to compromise accelerated delivery times over our quality control standards. Our company uses only the highest quality components, and we put our products through rigorous, daily testing to insure that we bring you the safest products available. Our facility has the most modern manufacturing and pressure-testing equipment in the industry.

We are dedicated to continued growth, using PROVEN designs, unsurpassed quality control, and exceptional customer service! We Made in USA.wht bkg.2instand behind our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, simply contact us and will gladly resolve any issues.

As an American family-owned and operated corporation for over 30 years, we are proud to put "Made in USA" on all of our boxes.

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DPX Rifle

DPX Pistol

Self-Defense JHP

Glaser Pow'RBall

Glaser Safety Slug

The New and Improved DPX Bullet

DPX shldJust when we thought the BEST couldn't get any BETTER! We are super excited to share the improvement to our DPX bullets.

 We are super excited to share the improvement to our DPX® bullets. 6 cuts all the way through the ogive means longer and sharper petals for terminal damage. We reshaped the nose for quicker expansion and provide deeper penetration. It’s still solid copper which meets CA standards as our previous version does. You will LOVE the polymer nickel coated case with Ducta-Bright 7a. This new technology keeps the cases shiny forever! It improves low light Chamber checks and will ease extraction from a dirty chamber. We have started with our most popular caliber 9mm 115gr and feel so confident that you will LOVE the improvements, will be changing over the entire line by the end of 2016.

COR®BON is always looking to provide you with the best- Always one step ahead….

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Multi Purpose Rifle


MPR™ is a TRUE Multi-Purpose Rifle line. Whether you use it for hunting, Target or long range sniper matches, it’s the one load that can do it all! MPR™ Uses bullets that provide the highest ballistic coefficient in the industry and with its hard-hitting extreme expansion it’s sure to get the job done right the first time.

Average Penetration: 11” to 28” depending on Caliber


  • It provides rapid, explosive expansion without excessive penetration.
  • Max Velocity & Reduced Recoil for better follow-up shots.
  • Perfect as a CQB, Urban Environment, and long-range self-defense.
  • Can be used in Long Range Applications.


  • Its aerodynamic resin tip offers extreme accuracy in long-range precision competitions.
  • Able to get .5 MOA or better on most rifles.
  • Due to the high ballistic coefficient, the 308 calibers stay supersonic at more than 1400 yards.
  • It's perfect for 3 gun matches. The resin tip also improves feeding in magazine fed rifles.


Standard match grade bullets either do not expand leaving a narrow wound channel or they expand too quickly without enough penetration to reach vital organs. MPR reliably expands for humane kills on varmints and deer sized game giving just the RIGHT amount of penetration.


All MPR loads are created with quality components and rigorous testing in various mediums to ensure that every round is made to perfection.  Every package is hand-inspected by humans to ensure the finest quality.



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